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According to a recent CNN/ORC poll, Americans are starting to come around to First Lady Melania Trump.

In contrast to her husband’s sinking approval rating, Melania’s approval has been on a steady uptick since before President Trump took the oath of office. In two months as first lady, Melania has seen a 16-point spike in approval. As of the first week of March, the poll shows that 52 percent of people polled had a positive impression of her.

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Information provided with the poll stated that Mrs. Trump’s ratings are more in line with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s numbers as first lady than the most recent first lady, Michelle Obama.

“The results fall along party lines; 86% of Republicans view the first lady favorably, while just 22% of Democrats feel the same. That margin is a lot wider for Melania Trump than it was for Michelle Obama, who in April 2009 had a favorable rating of 93% among Democrats and 50% among Republicans,” the poll states. “When Hillary Clinton was first lady in 1994, 34% of Republicans viewed her favorably, compared with 85% of Democrats, numbers more comparable to Trump’s.”

In contrast to his wife, President Trump’s poll numbers are alternatively poor or below average. A recent Gallup study shows that just a shade over 40 percent of those polled had a favorable opinion of President Trump. Those numbers place him far below the previous nine administrations’ poll numbers after their first two months in office.

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