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Retired Army Staff Sgt. Earl Granville, a veteran, made hearts stop at the Boston Marathon after he was seen carrying a woman over the finish line as she held an American flag. The woman he was carrying was his running guide, Andi Piscopo.

Granville appeared on a Wednesday segment of “FOX and Friends” to talk about the moment.

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He had no idea the moment would go viral, saying that the decision to pick up Piscopo was “spur of the moment.”

Granville said that he began to cramp after running the tenth mile, less than halfway through the race: “Around mile 10, I just kept cramping over and over. I’d go to a med tent, and about the fourth med tent, I realized there’s no help in this. So my options were to keep walking or quit, and I wasn’t going to quit. I decided to walk the rest with Andi.”

Granville lost his left leg during his tour of duty in 2008, after a roadside bomb went off in Afghanistan during his service.

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