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Shailene Woodley, the star of “Divergent,” was arrested on Monday.

Woodley was among several others participating in a peaceful protest when she was arrested for trespassing in Sioux County, N.D.

According to TMZ, there were at least another 100 protesters on a construction site for a pipeline project with Woodley when police arrived.

The entire Facebook Live was broadcast over two hours, but in the final five minutes, Woodley is placed in handcuffs as she tries to return to her vehicle to leave the protest.

When she asked why she was arrested, the officers said, “You were identified.”

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“Alright, I’m being arrested,” she said to the camera. “Because I was trespassing like everyone else.”

Woodley made a point to tell the officers that she started towards her vehicle as soon as officers told her to leave the premises.

“It’s because I’m well known. It’s because I have 40,000 people watching,” Woodley said to someone off-camera.

Her mother was with her at the protest and recorded the entire thing. When the she is taken away in handcuffs, viewers can hear her mother ask officers where they are taking her, but no one responds, and the officers tell her to stop filming.

Woodley was reportedly protesting a planned pipeline that will cross the sacred area of Standing Rock Sioux land and burial grounds.

On Sunday, a Federal appeals court rejected the request to stop construction, which prompted the protest.

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