Looking to get away from the crowded city for a weekend? Travel blog Unearth the Voyage took a trip to Casey, Illinois to discover some off the beaten-path sights in the small town.

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Located along I-70, a little over 200 miles from Chicago and a little over 100 miles from Indianapolis, Casey has a population of only 2,698. The drive from Chicago takes about three and a half hours. Due to the small size of the town, public transit is not currently an option.

For a such a small town, Casey has developed a bit of a touristy reputation over the past few years. Nicknamed “A Small Town With A Big Heart,” that may be the only thing not to be taken literally.

The town is home to multiple Guinness World Record constructions including a wind chime, rocking chair, knitting needles, crochet hook, pitchfork, golf tee, yardstick, wooden token, Dutch wooden shoes, mailbox, pencil and birdcage.


Unearth the Voyage is a couple, Ron and Jess, who are based in St. Louis and post about their world travels. Their recent post about Casey makes the town look like a mini-golf course suitable for Paul Bunyan.

You can check out a map on this website but the humble website hides the origins of these large objects. Fortunately, the St Louis Post-Dispatch ran a recent article about the team creating all of these pieces.

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Follow along their blog and their impromptu trip to find out where the best place to snap some pics are. You were due for a new funny Tinder profile picture anyway.

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