Chicago will tackle climate issues with or without Trump, says the mayor AP Photo/Matt Marton
AP Photo/Matt Marton

Chicago’s mayor has made his stance clear: he does not stand behind President Trump on climate change.

In an opinion piece published in The Guardian titled “If Donald Trump won’t tackle climate change, then Chicago will,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel outlines Chicago’s efforts and accomplishments to be a leader in sustainability.

“Rather than accepting the White House’s wrongheaded withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, cities are redoubling our efforts to meeting the landmark accords’ benchmarks,” Mayor Emanuel wrote.

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“We not only have the power to take action, but unlike Washington we have the will to get the job done.”

This is just the latest clash the mayor has had with the Trump administration.

Mayor Emanuel has been active in renouncing President Trump’s politics. In recent weeks on Twitter, the mayor has called the president’s actions on issues of the transgender service member ban and the pardon of Joe Arpaio shameful and undermining to American values.

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