Disturbing Video Shows a Chicago Man Who Cut off His Manhood Running Naked LiveLeak/screenshot

Warning: this article contains information you may consider upsetting.

A disturbing video shows an unidentified man in his 20s on drugs, completely naked and bleeding in the streets of Chicago after he apparently cut off his penis.

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The uploader of the video suggested that this guy’s drug of choice was acid (LSD), but there is no official statement on the incident to support that. The type of naked, self-harming behavior we see in the video has others suggesting that PCP or a flakka-like drug may have been involved.

There is an uncensored version of this video on the internet that only the thickest skinned among us should consider watching.

A censored version can be seen above.

The naked man was vandalizing cars and and taunting people near Grace Street and Drake Avenue. A quick Google Maps search confirms the location of the incident as Irving Park.

Google Maps

Compare this shot to one from the video.


The crazed, bleeding man charges at responding officers and yells, “Get outta here, bitch,” before being Tased to the ground.

All the while, the people filming the video said it would be a perfect time for police to use deadly force.

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“Oh my God, bro. Shoot his a**. Shoot that m**********r. This is a time when you shoot people!” the person filming yells.


Police did not use deadly force. It’s not clear what happened after the man was subdued, but we’re guessing a trip to the hospital and jail time will follow.

His condition is not known.

This post was originally published on July 25, 2017.

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