Here are the most Googled Celebrities, Athletes, Musicians and Politicians of 2017

Via Dana Rebecca Designs

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Throughout the chaos that is our world today, to escape – we invest time in other people’s lives —
i.e. celebrities athletes, musicians and politicians.

Courtesy of DANA REBECCA designs, we are sharing their top 10 most Googled people by state…

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This category is a shamrock shake of actors, TV personalities as well as models….

Courtesy of DANA REBECCA designs

Most of the below are top googled athletes who made the list most likely due to their long-standing, winning careers and for others, well scandal coughcough*OJ…

Courtesy of DANA REBECCA designs

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It is safe to say each musician on the below list is one huge star — whether they are in People for getting back with their ex-bae, sporting a new doo or getting called out by Kim Kardashian, there is always something going on…

And of course Illinois is rooting for Chance, why wouldn’t we be?!

Courtesy of DANA REBECCA designs

And last but certainly not least, we have the most googled politicians by state and boy did Alaska [..and
many more states than previously expected] must have reeeally wanted to know if Palin could actually see Russia from her back yard…

Courtesy of DANA REBECCA designs

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