Illinois National Guard hopes to relieve Puerto Rico AP Photo/Ricardo Arduengo
Puerto Rico National Guards salute during the arrival of the Spanish Navy ship Juan Sebastian de Elcano, transporting the remains of Ramon Power y Giralt to San Juan, Puerto Rico, Saturday, April 6, 2013. The 200-year-old remains of the Puerto Rican hero arrived after an exhaustive quest to identify his body and bring it home. Power, the son of an Irish immigrant and a Puerto Rican woman, grew up to join the Spanish navy and helped seize what is now the Dominican Republic back from French forces led by Napoleon Bonaparte. Power died in 1813 at age 37 from yellow fever, and he was buried with several other officials in a common grave in Spain. (AP Photo/Ricardo Arduengo)

With Puerto Rico still recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Illinois is doing its part by sending in about 150 Army National Guard service members to aid in any way possible.

Coming one month after Gov. Bruce Rauner sent a letter to the U.S. territory’s Gov. Ricardo Rosello, Puerto Rico requested assistance and agreed to reimburse the state for all expenses, according to NBC. The costs are estimated at $948,000, according to a release by Rauner’s office.

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These 150 men and women will join the 60 airmen from the Illinois Air National Guard who are already on the island aiding in the relief process, according to Belleville News. The service men and women will be providing addition security to the U.S territory as well as escorting convoys and conducting law enforcement patrols.

“The people of Illinois prove time and time again that we rally together in times of crisis,” Rauner said. “Our fellow Americans need us. Many of them have lost everything [and] I’m proud that we can step up and send our Guard troops in to help relieve some of the pressure they’re experiencing in Puerto Rico.”

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Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico in a state of devastation, cutting of power and many other supplies and the territory called for help, giving Illinois a chance to respond. While the death toll stands at 55, many suspect the number may be much higher as they continue to crawl toward recovery.

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