RodeoHouston answered our prayers with this rotating stage Garth gets to break in RodeoHouston

It’s not news that country music overlord Garth Brooks will open and close RodeoHouston with a set of performances next year.

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But the stage on which he’ll do it is making headlines.

That’s because Garth’s pulpit will rotate–ensuring there will be no bad view of the man himself.

RodeoHouston made the announcement this week, promising that the stage will feature the newest technology for concert presentation.

Designed and fabricated by TAIT, the stage’s features include:

  • Star-shaped stage with five star points, each with an arm length of 36 feet and a base of 23 feet
  • Each star point can be raised individually or jointly and can be lowered to the arena surface or raised to create an elevated performance position
  • 48-foot diameter round rotating performance area (previous stage was 40-foot diameter), which enables the artist to be closer to the audience
  • Basic performance area sits 7 feet off of the arena surface
  • 22-foot-tall motion controlled LED backdrop video screen
  • Self-propelled with automated positioning system

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To see Garth at the rodeo next year will cost you–tickets go on sale at the beginning of September–but make no mistake: This new stage is no Unanswered Prayer.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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