These videos of Houston traffic prove that even traffic is bigger in Texas

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Houston has a love-hate relationship with its roadways.

Sure, we all love the freedom of jumping in the car anytime we need to go somewhere, but are we really free if we immediately get stuck in traffic?

Surviving the week in Houston traffic means sitting in congestion, dodging bad drivers, and fighting the urge to just drive off the side of the highway and end your traffic woes forever.

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As a recent video of one commuter’s drive home reminds us, Houston’s traffic sucks everywhere, not just on the highways.

While you might feel alone out there on the roadways, all of Houston is right there with you. (That’s why the traffic is so bad.)

Sometimes the congestion gets you down, like these people who just gave up. If that’s the case, be careful not to cut people off.


You also want to keep an eye out for people who just can’t even anymore, like these women who just couldn’t sit in stopped traffic a second longer.

Traffic in Houston is so bad, that sometimes you just want to fight, as seen in this video:


Maybe it’s the stress of watching out for big trucks. They always seem to hog up the roadways — especially when they take down our traffic signs.


Somehow it always seems like something is on fire. Are the roads somehow combustible? How do so many accidents in Houston result in a fire?


You know it’s sad that this is a good day in Houston traffic:

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But hey, things are moving, there are no orange cones, and nothing is on fire – that’s three wins right there.

Be careful out there, Houston. We love, y’all.

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