A former Disney Channel star did The Bee Gees proud with this outstanding performance of “Night Fever”

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Sing it, Joe Jonas!

On Sunday night, the stars aligned to celebrate the legendary pop rock music band The Bee Gees, and one performance by Joe Jonas and his band, DNCE really stood out.


The former Disney darling took a challenge and performed “Night Fever” for the crowd, but the challenging falsetto in the tune was no match for Jonas. Throughout the performance, he flawlessly hit every note and had the entire audience on their feet and dancing.

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Jonas brought energy to the performance and even played air guitar with his microphone as he danced around the stage.

Barry Gibb, the last surviving member of The Bee Gees, was even spotted singing along with Jonas.

Other tributes from the evening came from Celine Dion, Keith Urban and Pentatonix.

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