“Frozen” Broadway musical just debuted a new song for Elsa

New song from the Broadway production of "Frozen" is released. (YouTube/DisneyMusicVEVO)

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Just when you got “Let It Go” out of your head, there’s a new “Frozen” song to check out!

“Monster,” the first original song from the “Frozen” Broadway musical was released on Friday, along with a music video featuring Caissie Levy, who’ll play Elsa on stage, belting out the tune.

The Broadway production of the beloved Disney movie will feature 12 new songs along with all the favorite tunes from the film. Just as they did for the movie, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez have brought their magic to the play, writing all the songs.

“Monster” in particular comes in to play during the second act when Elsa begins to wonder if she herself is a monster due to her magical abilities. Audience members will also get to hear several other new songs from Elsa, including “Dangerous to Dream.” Anna fans will be excited to hear that her character is getting her own new solo as well, “True Love,” and she’ll join Kristoff in a new duet called “What Do You Know About Love.”

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“It’s a moment of anxiety where the freedom she found in ‘Let It Go’ is shaken, and she hears in the distance the voices of the men coming for her, and she realizes now is the time she has to decide what her next move is,” Lopez said of “Monster.”

“It’s full of conflicting emotions,” Anderson-Lopez added. “It’s got fear. It’s got rage. It’s got her self-flagellation. It’s someone who has been living a double life of secrets and shame that no one knows about, and this is the moment of reckoning with all the destruction that she left behind her.”

In addition to Levy, the “Frozen” cast includes Patti Murin as Anna, Jelani Alladin (Kristoff), Greg Hildreth (Olaf), John Riddle (Hans), Robert Creighton (Weselton), Kevin Del Aguila (Oaken), Timothy Hughes (Pabbie), Andrew Pirozzi (Sven), Audrey Bennett (Young Anna), Mattea Conforti (Young Anna), Brooklyn Nelson (Young Elsa), Ayla Schwartz (Young Elsa), Alyssa Fox (Elsa Standby), Aisha Jackson (Anna Standby), and Adam Jepsen (Sven Alternate).

“Frozen” will make its debut at St. James Theatre on March 22.

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