Kevin Costner Weighs In On John Dutton, ‘Yellowstone’ Death Rumors

Costner is playing it pretty close to the vest.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Kevin Costner isn’t ready for his own demise — or the demise of John Dutton III, for that matter

Still, rumors of Dutton’s death have been swirling around social media. Dutton, of course, is the fairly stoic Montana rancher portrayed by Costner on the neo-Western drama series Yellowstone. Both Costner and the show have been absolute hit.

As far as the possibility of Dutton dying … well, let’s just say it very well could happen eventually. But Costner really dropped no clues in an interview with Extra TV.

“Well, I don’t want to die,” Costner said, chuckling. “There’s just too much to do.”

Costner, 67, added he actually can’t predict what Dutton’s future may hold.

“In terms of this story, I don’t know where that’s gonna go,” he said. “I haven’t really thought about that. I mean everybody dies but it’s how you live.”

Costner doesn’t know what happens? Really?

Basically, no one has told Costner what’s next for Dutton, or even Yellowstone as a whole, with Season 5 set to launch on Nov. 13. Honest. Costner said he doesn’t know.

“No, I don’t (know) because in some way, I think in some way, we’re making it up even if we say we know,” he said. “If we say we know it, is that really what it means? I think what comes on the page will be the thing that I look at.”

The first four seasons of Yellowstone are currently streaming on Peacock Premium. The first season is available on the free version of Peacock. All four seasons can also be viewed on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play or Vudu.

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