“LPBW” star Audrey Roloff slammed over a photo of her newborn baby girl

LEFT: Instagram/@audreyroloff; RIGHT: Facebook/Audrey Roloff

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New mom and “Little People, Big World” star Audrey Roloff was recently slammed by Facebook commenters who didn’t have the desired reaction to a photo the reality TV star shared of her newborn baby daughter, Ember.

Roloff shared the photo to various social media platforms to celebrate Ember becoming two months old. But it was the caption that rubbed people the wrong way.

“The dictionary defines EMBER as ‘a small live piece of coal wood etc in a dying fire. The remains of a fire. A glowing fragment from fire,'” Roloff wrote. “We want our little Ember to be a light in the darkness, glowing in all she does, enduring and lasting – hard to stop, ALWAYS believing in the MORE that is within her – and when stoked/kindled by her Creator – able to burn and glow even MORE than she could on her own, ” she continued. Our prayer is that she would be MORE on fire for God as He continues to fan her into flame. Always more.”

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Some people clearly found the heartwarming caption a bit excessive, and naturally, they made their feelings known in the comments section:

“Putting pressure on an infant much? She’s just a baby, let her just thrive and grow without all the expectations and intensity,” one person wrote.

Facebook/Audrey Roloff

Another claimed Ember looked cold and mocked her headband: “Enjoy the fuzzy little baby head. Ember’s will soon enough be covered in a mess of red curls.”

Facebook/Audrey Roloff

Audrey chose not to respond to the negative comments, but that’s probably because she was too busy reading all the nice stuff:

Facebook/Audrey Roloff

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