This dad went far beyond the call of birthday duty for his 5-year-old daughter

Rather than opting for a doll that could get lost or stepped on or just another birthday party, this dad thought outside the gift box for his daughter.

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The dad posted photos to Tumblr documenting what he did for her 5th birthday. He built a 50 meter (164 foot) crazy straw while she napped outside. The straw wrapped around the porch, at one point forming “Happy birthday” before the end of the straw dangled in front of her.

“It took me a while and when she woke up, it also took her a while to sip from her drink but we had a great time. She especially loved tearing the complete construction down,” wrote the dad. “Stop buying your kids crap toys. Believe me, memories last longer than any toy. (except Playmobil, you can never go wrong with Playmobil).”

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