On this week’s “America’s Got Talent,” magician Tom London came onto the show in hopes of continuing on and winning the $1 million prize. For this, he presented a magic trick that left the judges stumped and amazed.

First, he had the audience hold up their phones, which all began blinking. From the ones still on after the blinking, judge Simon Cowell sent three audience members onto the stage, while London called host Tyra Banks over. He asked the audience members questions involving numbers, then gave Banks specific instructions to put into her phone’s calculator app. These questions involved the number of #1 selling artists Cowell had in his label, how many record judge Mel B sold worldwide when she was in the Spice Girls and the year judge Heidi Klum began modeling.

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After further instructions, the final number “73,928,547” was posted. London then turned to a video screen on the other side, filmed earlier, where his past-self predicted the number “73,928,547” would matter.

It didn’t stop there, as he went backwards and reveals each number answers the questions posited earlier, including 47 #1 selling artists on Cowell’s label and Klum starting her modeling career in ’92. The judges were astounded, and the roaring applause from the audience showed that London successfully pulled off his trick.

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