Adult entertainment juggernaut Pornhub released their statistics for the Super Bowl on Monday afternoon and, for at least a few hours, it seems that voyeurs turned away from their computer screens to tune into the big game. According to the Alexa rankings, Pornhub is the 30th most popular website in the United States and the most popular adult entertainment site.


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According to the site’s metrics, traffic steadily dropped during the later part of the day as people got ready for Super Bowl LI. Just after kickoff, Pornhub experienced almost 30 percent less traffic than they would on a normal Sunday. They also tracked the numbers for Massachusetts (home of the New England Patriots) and Georgia (home of the Atlanta Falcons) and found that visits in those areas were significantly lower than the national average. In fact, as the Patriots began staging their historic comeback, Massachusetts residents spent 50 percent less time on the site than they typically do.


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Oddly enough there were spikes in searches that aren’t even related to the adult entertainment industry. “Super Bowl” was 2451 percent more popular and “Patriots” was 1608 percent more popular. After the big game, fans in both states flooded back to their computers at alarming rates — in Massachusetts, there were 30 percent more people on the site just after the game than there typically are. Large sporting events like the Super Bowl, World Series and even cricket matches (the site has a large following in India) often make a dent in Pornhub’s traffic, while Trump-related searches surged following the election.

According to PornHub, when Tom Brady is on TV, nobody is thinking about anything else (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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