Amy Schumer plays a naughty teacher in this must-see SNL spoof

Amy Schumer hosted “Saturday Night Live” back in October and she had one pretty memorable spoof skit. She was a teacher, Miss Dayworth, who had given an “F” to one of her students, Ricky, (Kyle Mooney) and makes him do some “extra credit” just like out of everyone’s least favorite porno. But this scene doesn’t quite go as planned.

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One precocious student (Aidy Bryant) keeps interrupting their scene at the perfect moments. She hears about the “oral exam” and interrupts again, but the ultimate interruption comes when Aidy can’t find a ride home and has to ask Ricky, but Miss Dayworth won’t let him leave so that she can get him to improve on his grade of a 68 (by one point. Get it?). It’s really some classic dirty talk from SNL.

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