Despite being a Belgian culinary specialty, the batter-based, flat, cake-like thing known as a waffle has become an American breakfast staple.

The basic ingredients are always the same: flour, milk, eggs and a pinch of salt. But beyond that, there are endless possibilities. Some people like them with syrup. Some people eat them with fruit and cream. Chicken and waffles is also a thing. And some people even enjoy them plain — these people are disgusting, and their opinions on everything from food to politics should be completely disregarded.

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But on the opposite end of the waffle spectrum are people who take their waffle concoctions to the next level, and they ain’t all pretty — in fact, some of them mare downright horrendous! Let’s take a look at some of these unorthodox waffle creations.

Super Bubble Waffle is a waffle is a waffle establishment in the U.K. that specializes in batter-y behemoths like this:

And this:

Journalist Harrison Mooney sampled this nasty-looking waffle a the 2017 Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver. It looks like that doughnut after Jeff Goldbum’s character from “The Fly” puked his weird acid-vomit on it.

Twitter user Audrey Lee created this thing. She didn’t seem too impressed. Apologetic, even.

Skittles. Skittles on a waffle. Why?

Cream? Cool. Blueberries? Fine. A sausage patty dunked in the cream? What the hell is wrong with you?!

You probably didn’t even know that pizza waffles existed, did you? Well, they do. And they sell on them on sticks.


Here’s a healthy looking waffle. It actually looks pretty tasty.

Okay, now we’re getting to some good stuff:

Oh, nope. Just nope. Why is she proud of this?

Of course, some of the most charming waffles of all time have come from movies and television. Remember that episode of “The Simpsons” in which Homer makes the moon waffle? (Click here if not). Well thanks to YouTube, cooking wizard Babish, from “Binging With Babish,” you can make one too!


Back in 2014, The Huffington Post made this brilliant tribute to waffles in cinema:

To end our rundown of weird and unusual waffle preferences, let’s see how a few members of the Rare team answered the very simple question: How do you like your waffles?


“If I’m using a fork and knife, I favor some combination of syrup, cinnamon, and powdered sugar. However, I usually pick em up and eat em as I would a bagel.”

Steven Dowd

“I eat them with syrup only, and I fill every square to the brim.”

Jason Dobkin

“Ewwww, carbs. OMG. I’m kidding. There’s nothing like a chocolate chip waffle to make me feel like a kid again.”

Beth Sawicki

“I like my waffles with chicken, honey mustard (for the chicken), and any kind of syrup.”

Zuri Davis

“For sweet, I really miss pecan waffles from the Waffle House. Also, big fan of buttermilk blueberry waffles with powdered sugar. For savory, I may have spent way too long perfecting a bacon-corn-chive-cheddar waffle situation but it was worth it. I apparently like to embed things in my waffles rather than top them.”

Gayle Putrich

“I like them plain or with a leeeeeeettle bit of syrup, but when i was a kid i used to like to fill all the holes with syrup like a psycho.”

Allie Caren

“I like them with peanut butter and syrup.”

Nicole Moschella

“I don’t eat waffles.”

Kamron Taylor

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