Sean Spicer hits back at “SNL” on the night of his departure from the White House YouTube/Smash

On Friday, after months of speculation that he was being pushed out, Sean Spicer finally left the White House.

Spicer was reportedly unhappy with Trump’s decision to hire Anthony Scaramucci to head up the communications department.

Never before has a press secretary captured the nation’s curiosity like Spicer. In his first press conference, Spicer yelled at the media and took no questions, and though televised briefings became less frequent, they were national spectacles.

Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of Spicer on “Saturday Night Live” rocketed the iconic show to its best ratings in years. Spicer has said a lot of different things about McCarthy’s portrayal, and on Friday night, hours after his departure, the former press secretary spoke to Sean Hannity about “Saturday Night Live.”

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Spicer said, “I like a good joke…there were a couple parts of it that were funny. But, there was a lot of it that was over the line.”

He continued: “There are times when it goes from funny to mean. You have to have a little bit of tough skin if you’re going to do this.”

Following his resignation, “Saturday Night Live” tweeted out a clip of McCarthy’s most memorable moments portraying the press secretary.

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