This international hair freezing contest includes some of the most laughable looks we’ve ever seen

Instagram/Takhini Hot Pools

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The people of Yukon, Canada, and its tourists are making due with the extremely cold weather by having a little fun in a hair freezing contest. The contest, which has been hosted by Takhini Hot Pools since 2011, invites hot spring visitors to  turn in their best frozen hair photos. The winner gets to take home $700 cash.

Hot Pools offers some advice on how to get your frozen look just right. For example, they say it’s best when temperatures are below -20 Fahrenheit.

Then, they tell visitors to wet their head in the hot spring and allow the cold air to freeze your hair, along with your eyelashes and eyebrows.

As your hair begins to freeze, you can mold it into the perfect style. There you have it: the dos and don’ts of frozen hairdos. This year’s winner will be announced in March!

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