Watch this woman and little kid prank a few men so good

These poor guys were so embarrassed they didn’t know what to say.

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The team over at Just For Laughs set up a prank in the mall where two pranksters posed as a mom and son shopping together. The mom stopped random men as they walked by and asked if they would watch her son while she went to the rest room. While she was gone a very attractive female prankster walked up in front of the man watching the boy.

The men seem pretty comfortable watching over the boy. Some  seem to think it’s funny that the boy is checking out an attractive woman. Maybe they are even encouraging him.  They are all shocked an embarrassed when he actually lifts up the skirt.  None of them make any effort to suggest that the behavior is NOT GOOD.

This video shows what would happen if you were blamed for something embarrassing and you didn’t actually do it.  To the observer, it seems like the men sitting on the bench are responsible for the actions of the kid.

The little boy then proceeds to lift up the skirt of the lady and blames the innocent man watching him. The lady turns around and hilarity ensues.

Don’t even show this video to your politically correct friends.  They may not find it as funny as you do. Also, feel free to politely decline if anyone asks you to watch their children in a mall.


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