Emotions were high when this Army officer approached a man pretending to be a U.S. Marine

During a flight from New Mexico to Kansas in September 2015, an unidentified Army officer and his wife noticed a man in a United States Marine Corps uniform that just didn’t look right.

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After analyzing a photo they took of the man in New Mexico, the man and his wife approached the fake Marine once they landed in Kansas.

When approached by the man and his wife, the man in uniform doesn’t claim that he is on active duty or is a retired member of the U.S. Marines, and completely admits that he is making it up.

Despite wearing an array of medals and traveling in his full dress uniform.

“I went to a wedding,” the man repeatedly tells the couple.

“You’re working a rank that doesn’t matter [to you],” the woman responds.

The officer who confronted the phony had deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan several times, making him extra angry to discover someone committing stolen valor.

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