Did you know you lose the ability to hear certain frequencies as you get older?

“The older you are, the harder it is to hear high frequencies,” said 5-year-old boy genius Anson Wong.

Anson explained that pretty much everyone can hear 8,000 hertz.

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“If you can hear 8,000 hertz, then you’re alive and you’re not hearing impaired,” said Anson.

Anson explained that since he’s just a kid, he can hear very high frequencies, unlike his parents.

Here’s a breakdown of when you start to lose your hearing:

  • 8,000 hertz: Pretty much everyone can hear 8,000 hertz, as long as you’re not hearing impaired
  • 12,000 hertz: People under 50 can hear 12,000 hertz
  • 15,000 hertz: People under 40 can hear 15,000 hertz
  • 16,000 hertz: People under 30 can hear 16,000 hertz
  • 17,000 hertz: People under 24 can hear 17,000 hertz
  • 19,000 hertz: People under 20 can hear 19,000 hertz

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