This bar riddle hinges on a guessing game that you can’t lose

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Here’s another riddle you can bust out at the bar (or wherever you and your friends are drinking).

To pull this off, you’ll just need a coin and a shot glass full of your favorite liquor.

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Have a friend place the coin under the shot glass. Then, without looking, bet your friend the next round of drinks that you can guess “the date.” The way you say it is very important — do not specify that you’ll be guessing the date on the coin!

When your friends accept the challenge, just say today’s date. After all, you never said what date you’d be guessing!

We recommend you only tell this riddle with good friends, because there’s a chance it’ll result in some serious eye rolls!

Looking for more bar riddles? Ask your friends to flip a dollar bill without turning it over, or maybe to reverse an arrow without touching it. And be sure to check out all our Bar Tricks!

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