Childhood Meals We Hate

There’s a lot of foods I loved as a kid. I regularly ate mayonnaise sandwiches (yes, a glob of mayo between two pieces of white bread) and begged my parents to buy dinosaur chicken nuggets which always tasted the best if eaten one leg at a time. Of course, there were tons of foods that I hated to see end up on my plate. I hated onions, dispised anything fishy and felt my stomach churn whenever my mother brought out anything with the word “surprise” in the description.

Thankfully as we grow up, so do our taste buds. Things we hated as a kid are now delicacies. Foods we would beg for as a child are now the grossest thing in the world.

5 Foods We Hated As Kids 

1. Brussels Sprouts

While they may be one of the cutest vegetables (hello, mini-cabbages), these bitter-tasting veggies are on the top of the list of most hated childhood foods. A coating of dark chocolate or milk chocolate couldn’t make me take a bite of these.

Today Brussels Sprouts are one of my go-to dinner side dishes. Roast these bright little cabbages in olive oil and a bit of salt and pepper and your family meals will be totally complete.

2. Liver

Who thought that giving a plate of liver and onions to a picky eater was a good idea? While my eating habits still haven’t gotten me over that liver hump, I have to admit that a lot of adults like eating livers.

3. Beets

The first time I tried beets I thought they tasted exactly like dirt. I didn’t understand why they had jagged edges, were always offered in the salad bar, and smelled like pickles.

Grown-up me loves to roast beets and serve them with goat cheese.

4. Cottage Cheese

Is it a liquid? Is it a solid? Cottage cheese was one of my most hated foods because the texture couldn’t make up its own mind.

Adults (especially over 60 years old) love the stuff. I know, I used to work the kitchen at a retirement home and lemme tell you, we went through containers of cottage cheese like it was going out of style.

5. Avocado

It’s squishy and sometimes gets brown when left out too long. While I loved the green (fruit, vegetable??) as a kid, the mighty avocado continually pops up as a food kids love to hate.

5 Foods We Hate As Adults 

1. Bologna

If you are still singing songs about the name of your lunch meat I think we have a little bit of a problem. Grab yourself a turkey sandwich, slap on some avocado and call it a day.

2. Fish Sticks

Located near the ice cream, these little boxes of frozen fish sticks and fries would always grab my attention. Now I can’t even find myself to look at them with the same respect I had for them all those years ago.

Do yourself a favor and make a homemade version with lots of tartar sauce and lemon.

3. Kid Cuisine

Nothing says an American 90’s childhood than Kid Cuisine. The little tv dinners were always a treat because it meant I was having chicken nuggets and french fries for dinner.

I don’t think I need to explain why these dinners are no longer suitable for someone that does their own taxes.

4. Easy Cheese

It’s fun to play with your food! This cheddar cheese spray added sprayable fun to your snacks.

Let’s just say this wouldn’t be the kind of cheese to add to your wine and cheese board.

5. Trix Yogurt

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They don't make this anymore… do they? 😦

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Magically delicious and frightfully tasting of anything but yogurt. I was obsessed with their cotton candy flavor.

I’m still curious if it still holds up.

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