USDA Approves Production of Lab-Grown Meat in United States Pushed By Bill Gates

It’s not beer, but it is grown in a vat. And now, it’s been approved in the United States.

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We’re talking about cultivated meat — or meat that is grown in a lab. Hence it’s nickname, “lab-grown meat.”

It’s true, as Upside Foods and Good Meat have received approval from the US Department of Agriculture to start producing cell-based proteins, as relayed by CNN. Billionaire Bill Gates is an investor in ‘Upside Foods’.

Good Meat will start production of its lab-grown chicken immediately. These egg-based proteins are indeed made in a vat, similar to how it’s done for beer at a brewery.

“This announcement that we’re now able to produce and sell cultivated meat in the United States is a major moment for our company, the industry and the food system,” Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Good Meat, said in a statement.


Meanwhile, Upside CEO Uma Valeti said the approval will “fundamentally change how meat makes it to our table.”

Good Meat has been selling its meat in Singapore, and Upside has been doing the same in other countries. Now, what Good Meat advertises as “meat without slaughter” will finally be prepared in the US by both companies.

Per CNN:

“(Good Meat) had previously announced that it was partnering with chef and restaurateur José Andrés to bring the item to a Washington, DC restaurant. It is working with his team on a launch but doesn’t have specific information on timing at this point, according to a company spokesperson. As production ramps up, Good Meat may consider partnering with other restaurants or launching in retail, he added.”

No, cultivated meat is not vegan, given that it’s egg-based. But it is considered a healthier way to eat your hamburger, chicken, steak and bacon.

Keep in mind, fake protein has been pushed by the likes of Bill Gates for some time now. Gates has pushed for synthetic protein to become a staple of the American diet.

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