Never put these 6 things in the washing machine

A volunteer helps a man who took his clothes to a washing machine in a laundry opened in the Sant’Egidio Community Centre in Rome, Tuesday, April 11, 2017. (AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino)

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Few homeowner struggles are more stressful than a broken or flooding washing machine.

To try and avoid this, there are preventative measures we can take, such as not overloading the machine — and making sure certain items never go through the wash cycle.

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Before you run your next load of laundry, consider a few things.

Check your pockets

Coins rattling around in the washing machine’s drum can get past the filter and seriously damage the drain pump’s fins, so make sure you don’t leave any in your pants pockets before laundry day.

The same applies to keys. A sharp-edged key can harm the machine, and electronic ones can also short-circuit if exposed to so much water.

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Run away

Runners who complete messy events, like mud runs, often throw their shoes in the washing machine afterward. Unfortunately, this can cause the shoes to shrink.

It doesn’t help matters that running shoes make a lot of noise in the washing machine.

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Oh baby!

Tiny baby socks can easily get stuck in a washing machine’s vents and hoses. May we suggest a delicates wash bag?

And speaking of wash bags…

Hooking up

Lingerie with clasps and hooks can scratch up a machine’s drum. They can also damage your other clothes, and they’re difficult to untangle after being washed. It’s best to put that sort of thing in a bag if you do plan to add it to the rest of your laundry.

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And buy a lint roller!

Too much pet hair on clothes can clog a washing machine’s drain pumps.

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