The Voice Season 13, Episode 11: Voice battles, recap, updates (October 30, 2017)

In The Voice, Season 13, Episode 11, the voice battles are over. Now it’s time for the knockout rounds, where each coach has to pit two team members against each other. Unlike the voice battles each contestant has the opportunity to sing a song of their choosing, and only one can advance to the live shows. But before they hit the stage, the judges train them with the help of Kelly Clarkson, who will officially join the show as a coach next season. 

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The Voice, Season 13: How to watch, TV info

Schedule: 8 p.m. EST | NBC
Host: Carson Daly
Coaches: Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Blake Shelton

Singers aged 15 and above of varying genres including country, pop, folk and soul go through blind auditions, battle rounds, knockout rounds and a selection of the top 20 for the live playoffs.

The Voice Season 13, Episode 11

Adam Cunningham and Esera Tuaolo


Blake chose Adam and Esera for his first knockout round. He pitted the two against each other, because their voices and range are so similar. While Adam is a country singer, Esera is more of a pop and soul singer. But both their talents pack a lot of power.

Adam picked “Either Way,” which gelled well with his natural ability as a storyteller. Esera picked “Superstar,” which held a lot of emotional weight because his 83-year-old mother is currently dealing with some health issues. They both gave it their best shot during the performance, but Blake said he was looking for the artist that would completely slay, and for him, it was Esera.

Luckily, the coaches get one steal during the knockouts, and Adam didn’t let the country star go home just yet. He added him to his team.

Lucas Holliday and Shi’Ann Jones


Jennifer wanted her two most powerful contestants to go head to head, so she called on Lucas and Shi’Ann. Jennifer wanted Lucas to showcase his full range, so she was glad he picked “Tell It Like It Is” for his song. As for Shi’Ann, Jennifer wanted her to be able to come out of her shell a bit more. That’s why “Who’s Lovin’ You” was a perfect selection.

This round meant so much to Lucas, because he’s ready for a new life. He’s not interested in returning home to be a cashier. Advancing to the next would mean a lot for Shi’Ann, too. As one of nine of siblings, she wants to make her family proud. On stage, both brought the heat, but Shi’Ann’s captivating and incredible performance won Jennifer over.

Dennis Drummond and Addison Agen


Adam was up next for the knockout rounds, and he wanted to see Dennis and Addison go at it. They are both incredibly unique with their genres and styles. Addison has a folk style unlike anyone on the show, and Dennis’ raw guitar skills make him a standout.

The clarity in Addison’s voice made her pitch perfect during her rehearsal and performance of “Beneath Your Beautiful.” Adam wanted her to take advantage of the moments to emotionally connect with the audience. As for his pick Dennis, he wanted him to get used to being in the forefront and not the background. “All Along the Watchtower” was his chance to do just that.

When it came down to picking who would move on, Adam couldn’t go on without Addison.

Janice Freeman and Karli Webster


It was Miley’s turn to give two of her teammates another shot at the big stage. It was Janice versus Karli. Miley thought they would pair well together because of their differences. While Janice is known for her powerhouse vocals, and Karli has won fans over for her pureness and authenticity.

Janice went with “I’m Going Down” by Mary J. Blige, and Karli sang “Blue Bayou.” They both gave solid performances, and they sang perfectly. All of the coaches said they were excellent in their given genres. However, there was of course only one person who would be able to advance to the next round, and that was Janice.

Davon Fleming and Eric Lyn


Jennifer thought Davon and Eric would be a good match, because they were both soul singers with completely different styles. Davon has more of a gospel background, and Eric rounds out his notes with more of a jazz feel. For Jennifer, it would come down to who would deliver the best performance.

Eric went with Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On.” He wanted to be able to connect with audiences given the current political and social climate. He also wanted to show off his impeccable jazz scats. Davon went the gospel route to connect with the audience. He chose a song called “Imagine.” Both wowed the crowd in their own way, but it was Davon who had everyone on their feet. Jennifer picked him, because he transcended the room like no one else.

Ashland Craft and Chloe Kohanski


Miley had the last knockout battle of the night with Ashland and Chloe. Ashland is a country singer, and Chloe is more of the rocker. But for the knockout rounds, they switched roles.

Ashland picked Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead Or Alive.” She wanted to show off her versatility and give the crowd a side they’d never seen before. Chloe picked a more emotional song, “Landslide,” and really told a story with the music. Her performance was so riveting during the rehearsals that she moved Ashland to tears.

During the knockout round, the battle was intense. Both singers nailed it, but Miley saw something special in Ashland that she couldn’t pass up. Blake and Jennifer couldn’t let Chloe walk away though. After putting up a good fight, Blake was able to steal her for his team.

The Voice Season 13, Episode 10

Adam Cunningham and Natalie Stovall

Blake put a dynamite duo together for the first battle of the night. Natalie had already received some coaching from The Rascals Flats, because she had sang backup for them before. Adam had quite a bit of professional experience on his hands as well as a studio singer. For their performance, Blake chose “Boondocks,” because he thought it blended their voices together well and showcased their talents. He was right, because by the end of their rehearsals, it was hard to critique the two talents. And it was even more difficult for Blake to choose a winner after they nailed it during the performance. He was so torn that he asked the contestants, “can one of you quit?” The answer, of course, was no, so he went with Adam.

Ignatious Carmouche and Eric Lyn

Jennifer put her two most soulful contestants together for an R&B showdown. She picked “Unaware” for the incredible vocalists. Ignatious, who had won the very first Snapchat battle, was more comfortable on stage. On the other hand, Eric had to build his confidence, because he was out of his comfort zone. Both Kelly and Jennifer encouraged them to find their groove, and make the song their own. They took the advice to their advantage, using all of the tips when they hit the stage. They serenaded the crowd with flawless falsettos and pitch perfect tones. The judges couldn’t unanimously decide who should go to the next round, because they were so impressed. That made Jennifer’s job even tougher, but when it came down to reveal her decision, she chose Eric. He gave her the confidence she was looking for.

Ashland Craft and Megan Rose

Miley put her country singers in the spotlight by picking “Good Hearted Woman.” While both lived on opposite ends of the country, they bonded over their love for the genre. And they were applying the lessons they learned from rehearsals so well, that Miley and her dad Billy Ray had to sing with them during their last practice. On stage, they gave it their all, proving to the judges that they belonged to be there. Adam even declared that it was the best battle they had ever had. Miley could only walk away with one though, and that person was Ashland. As Megan said her goodbyes, Blake pushed his button for the steal. He thought she was so impressive that he could not let her get away.

The Voice Season 13, Episode 9

Brandon Brown and John Mero

Adam’s team kicked off the night with a performance from Brandon and John. The two have completely different styles, but Adam and Joe Jonas brought them together to sing The Temptations’ “I Wish It Would Rain.” For John, he need to work on not shouting throughout the song. Adam noted, “I’m not choosing the one who’s singing the loudest.” As for Brandon, his coaches encouraged him to fearlessly reach for the emotion the song required. On stage during the duet, it was a true battle. The two vocalists gave it everything they had to advance to the next round. While Adam said Brandon had gone from a “good singer to an incredibly good singer,” he couldn’t resist John’s irresistible presence and talent.

Red Marlow and Ryan Scripps

Blake brought Red and Ryan together for the next battle. He chose “Fishin’ In The Dark” by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. The song is a classic. Blake said it’s a lot of fun but should be taken very seriously, and he had The Rascal Flats on his side to help coach. Ryan has a great voice but needed to work on on letting go of his shyness. And sometimes Red was so focused on playing his guitar that he forgot to entertain the crowd. During the final rehearsals, they both looked like they were enjoying themselves. They brought the same energy to the stage as they wowed all of the judges. In the end, Blake chose Red, because he’s more seasoned. He said, “You can’t not like the guy.”

Addison Agen and Karli Webster

Miley loves her team so much that she didn’t want to get rid of anyone. But for her next round, she pitted Addison and Karli against each other. She picked “Girls Just Want To Have Fun,” but she wanted to hear the stripped down version. Karli’s voice is very sweet and Addison’s is so classic and pure, but Miley’s goal was to make sure everyone shined. And that’s exactly what they did in rehearsals and on stage. When the two hit the stage, it was magical. They truly connected with the song, and gave it their all. It was a hard decision to make, but Miley went with Karli. It wasn’t the end of the road for Addison though. Adam and Jennifer wanted to steal her, but Adam came out on top this time.

Shi’Ann Jones and Stephan Marcellus

Jennifer arguably had one of the most challenging battles of the night. She tasked Shi’Ann and Stephan with “Oh! Darling,” a classic song full of passion and emotion. In rehearsals, both competitors showed their true power. But Shi’Ann needed to find more of a range with her runs, while Stephan had to work on ending his notes with confidence. Kelly and Jennifer both encouraged them to allow the song to build and to tell the story. On the stage, they took all of the coaches’ tips to heart and had everyone on their feet. In fact, the judges were split on who they thought should advance, but the choice was up to Jennifer. She went with Shi’Ann, but Miley couldn’t let Stephan go home empty handed. She stole him at the last second, adding the first man to her team.

Anthony Alexander and Michael Kight

Adam brought Anthony and Michael to blows with The Weeknd’s “I Feel It Coming.” Adam went with this song, because he said it showcased both their abilities in a cool way. The judges compared Anthony’s tone to Michael Jackson’s, and they praised Michael for his confidence and stage presence. To pick a winner, it would be about who could pull off the song better. During the performance, the two made the decision pretty difficult, because they nailed it. They sang beautifully, gelling their voices together perfectly. The coaches were split again when deciding who should make their way to the next round, but Adam threw a curve ball by going with Anthony.

Janice Freeman and Katrina Rose

Miley had two powerhouses on her hands for the last battle of the night. It was Janice against Katrina for an intense and entertaining performance of Etta James’ “W.O.M.A.N.” Not only did the judges compliment them, but the contestants wowed each other, too. Janice said Katrina’s voice was “the key of heaven.” They were both so intoxicating that Miley advised them to find more moments to shocase their individuality. While they were singing before everyone, Jennifer was so moved that she was on her feet by the end of the performance. They “blew the roof off the building.” Miley had a tough pick, but went with Janice. But the night couldn’t end without another steal. Jennifer added Katrina to her team.

In Case You Missed It

There wasn’t enough time during the one-hour episode to see everyone compete. However, in the battle between Anna Catherine DeHart and Kristi Hoopes, Blake went with Anna. For the duet featuring Alexandra Joyce and Jeremiah Miller, Jennifer chose Jeremiah, and as for Emily Luther and Gary Carpenter, Adam kept it moving with Emily. Take a look at the montage above.

The Voice Season 13, Episode 8

Davon Fleming and Maharasyi

It was between Davon and Maharasyi for Jennifer’s first voice battle of the night. The two contestants had the once-in-a-lifetime chance to work alongside Jennifer and her pal Kelly Rowland as they delivered their takes on Whitney Houston’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight.” They knocked it out of the park on stage. While Davon is known as the powerhouse, Maharasyi held her own, doing everything just as well as her competitor did. And after all was said and done, Jennifer expressed how proud she was of them both. But only one could advance to the knockout round, and that was Davon.

Brandon Showell and Hannah Mrozak

Adam was up next for his second voice battle. He wanted to see Brandon and Hannah duke it out. For their duet, he chose “Cold Water.” Adam picked the song, because he wanted to showcase their ad lib skills. Joe Jonas, Adam’s advisor, was so impressed with Brandon that he wanted to steal some of his voice for his own. But he was also in awe of Hannah’s ability to sing high notes with such control. Their performance on stage had audiences on their feet as they really took a chance with some of the most challenging notes. For Adam, he said it would come down to who he wouldn’t be able to look away from, and that was Hannah. She hit this incredible note towards the end of the song that Adam said he had to reward.

Dennis Drummond Mitchell Lee

Blake’s stars took on “Mr. Jones.” During rehearsals, Dennis and Mitchell really took instruction from Blake and the Rascal Flats well. For Mitchell, he had to improve his diction to make sure he was pronouncing his words clearly. As for Dennis, he needed to work on his star power since he was so used to floating in the background. By the end of practice, the guys exuded a confidence neither of the coaches had seen before, and they brought that same charisma to the stage. All of the coaches were amazed, but Blake went with Mitchell. Dennis isn’t going anywhere though, because Adam swooped in for the steal.

In Case You Missed It

There wasn’t enough time during the one-hour episode to see everyone compete. However, in the battle between Dave Crosby and Dylan Gerard, Adam went with Dylan. For the duet featuring Esera Tuaolo and Rebecca Bruner, Blake chose Esera, and as for Chloe Kohanski and Ilianna Viramontes, Miley kept it moving with Chloe. Take a look at the montage above.

The Voice Season 13, Episode 7

Lucas Holliday and Meagan McNeal

Jennifer was up first, picking Lucas and Meagan to go head to head. The two contestants were in for a great surprise when they walked into a rehearsal led by Jennifer and Kelly Rowland. Taking on Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative,” the singers learned how to deliver a strong presentation while finding a way to stand out. By the time they made it to the final rehearsals, their voices were “clashing and crashing.” So Jennifer and Kelly encouraged them to pull back and let their talents shine. When they made it to the stage, all of the judges applauded their high-energy and confidence. But in the end, it was Lucas who won Jennifer over.

Moriah Formica and Shilo Gold

Miley formed her all-girl team, and for her first battle round, it was Moriah versus Shilo. To help coach the two, Miley called on her father Billy Ray Cyrus. The father-daughter duo pinged off of each other as they provided key pointers to help each contestant bring out their strongest assets. Once Moriah and Shilo received the celebrity training they needed, it was time to battle, and the two rocked the stage with their grand voices. While Moriah impressed with her guitar and flawless tone, Shilo wowed everyone with her stage presence. But only one would be able to advance to the next round. Miley selected 16-year-old Moriah.

Keisha Renee and Noah Mac

Blake chose the country trio the Rascal Flats as his advisors, and together, they coached Keisha Renee and Noah. Keisha Renee already has a lot of experience in R&B and pop, but she wants to breaks into the country industry. And Noah, at just 17, has such uniqueness and pureness in his voice despite his lack of experience. Both contestants learned so much, but Blake deemed Noah as the most improved. The two made it to stage and brought real purity and honesty to Elvis Presley’s “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.” They gelled perfectly together, not overpowering each other. When it came time to choose, Blake went with Keisha Renee, but Jennifer didn’t let Noah get away. She made a steal at the last moment, snagging him for her team.

Chris Weaver and Kathrina Feigh

Jennifer’s team was up again, and this time, she put Chris and Kathrina in the ring together. The two both have such powerful voices, but it took a bit of work for Kathrina to realize her range. Jennifer and Kelly pushed her to hit notes she was afraid to try, and they helped Chris gradually take on the most powerful moments of the song. During their last rehearsal, the two were having a bit of trouble as the two overpowered the song in an attempt to be noticed. But by the time they graced the stage, they scaled back and delivered one of the best performances of the night. When it was decision time, Jennifer went with Chris. Just as Kathrina was giving her teary goodbye, Blake pushed his button for the steal.

Brooke Simpson and Sophia Bollman

Miley decided to let her two biggest voices battle: Brooke and Sophia. Miley wanted to hear them sing Bob Dylan’s “You’re A Big Girl Now.” She chose the song, because she felt it was out of the box for them both. She and her dad helped them make it their own and connect with the song personally. On stage, the songstresses meshed together as if they were sisters. Their camaraderie was apparent as they belted out the sweet tune. While Miley was proud of them both, she moved on with Brooke.

Adam Pearce and Whitney Fenimore

It was finally Adam’s turn to show off his team. He went with Adam and Whitney for his first voice battle. He enlisted the help of Joe Jonas to get them ready for the competition, both coaches pulling out the best in each singer. While Adam carries a rocker tone, Whitney has more of a folk one. That’s why he chose “Stop Dragging My Heart Around,” by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty. For the performance, he let both of them put their guitar skills on full-display. And once they finished their performance, Adam was stomped. In the end, he took another chance on Adam. Then came the steal from Miley and Blake. They put up a good fight, but Whitney made Miley her new coach.

The Voice Season 13, Episode 6

 Kristi Hoopes

Kristi dubs herself as “the hippie chick with swang.” Inspired by the style of the ’70s, she has a niche for country music. She’s from Parker, Colorado, but upon high school graduation, she hitched a ride to Murfreesboro, which is right outside of Nashville, to pursue her musical dreams. Although she is currently a music business major in college, her No. 1 goal is to perform. When she made it to the blind auditions she wowed Blake, Jennifer and Adam. While Adam and Jennifer argued that she should step out of the box and join their teams, she went with her gut, choosing Blake.

Michael Kite

Michael doesn’t remember when he first began singing, but his father has the evidence through old video tapes. At 12, he was gifted with his first guitar, and within a few weeks, he taught himself to play a Johnny Cash song. His style is a fusion of Motown soul, R&B and rock and roll. And when he stepped on stage, he showcased his unique fusion by performing a stripped down version of Maroon 5’s “Sugar.” It was a risk he was willing to take to impress Adam, and it worked. While all of the judges loved Michael, Adam was the only one to turn around.

Jeremiah Miller

Singing isn’t Jeremiah’s only talent. He’s also an athlete, who wrestled all through high school. The recent graduate, who sang the national anthem many times in school, is putting college and any other plans on hold to find out if he has the chops to make it big. After all, music runs in his family. His parents are in a Christian rock band. The 18-year-old brought his charm and charisma to the auditions and caught the attention of Adam immediately. Jennifer turned around soon after, and the two commenced to fighting for the talent. Adam almost solidified his team, but Jennifer made a convincing pitch Jeremiah couldn’t resist.

Serina Rae

Serina was inspired by Selena from the get-go. As a Mexican-American, she followed in the fallen star’s footsteps, performing at restaurants throughout her hometown. While singing is important to her, joining the military is an option, too, as her father and brother have enlisted. In fact, she was on the verge on signing the papers to sign up for the navy right before she heard about the blind auditions. She held her on a stage, but with the judges down to their last picks, the judges weren’t fired up enough to turn around.

Megan Rose

For Megan, family is very important. She’s very close to her loved-ones, especially her dad. Before Megan was born, her dad was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. But she didn’t notice his symptoms until age 12 when she realized he couldn’t play the instruments he loved anymore. Megan now wants to fill in her for her father and make him proud. As a country artist in San Francisco, Megan has found it difficult to navigate the scene in California. But on The Voice she has a better shot. Adam and Miley had one more spot on their team, but in the end, she helped Miley create the first all-female team on the show.

Gary Carpentier

Gary was a sports lover in school, making his way to the baseball field. While it was a passion for him, he found himself struggling through school. That led him to reevaluate what he really wanted to do with his life, and that brought him to singing. He performed at bars and restaurants in his town, and that is where he met his fiance Becky, who has been by his side every step of the way. He took the stage, and Adam turned around immediately. As soon as he did, Gary almost began weeping during the song. He made it through and helped Adam complete his team.

The Voice Season 13, Episode 5

Chloe Kohanski

Chloe thought she was destined to be an English teacher, but halfway through college, she couldn’t resist her passion for music. When she told her parents, they tried to talk her out of it but supported her decision to ditch her undergraduate studies. After joining a band and flying solo for a bit, she made her way to The Voice stage. She said, “I need someone to believe I can do this.” That’s exactly what the judges believed, because Miley, Jennifer and Blake fought for her. It was a tough battle, but Chloe chose Miley, who happens to be one of her idols.

Olivia May

Olivia graced the show as one of the youngest contestants on the show at 13. She’s been singing since she was very young and gained some popularity when she posted a viral video of her singing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” As an Oklahoma native, she even performed for Blake a few years ago when he was being inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. The 4’11 girl with the big chops took the stage fearlessly, but the judges thought she needed a little bit more growth and development. Neither coach turned their chairs but encouraged her to keep training.

Dennis Drummond

Standing at 6’8, Dennis has had a passion for music since he was young. He took his talents to the Berkelee School of Music in Boston, and when he graduated, he packed his bags and moved to Nashville for a better chance at stardom. He found some of that star power when he landed a gig as a guitarist with Adam Wakefield, a former The Voice contestant from season 10. Now Dennis is ready to step out into his own. He graced the floor with his guitar and belted out a tune that led Adam to turn his chair immediately. Blake joined him soonafter and won the bid to get Dennis on his team.

Ignatious Carmouche

Ignatious made The Voice history when he became the first winner of the show’s Snapchat contest. His submission beat out 20,000 others. As the winner, he got to fly out to Los Angeles, work one-on-one with Adam and have a chance at the blind auditions. The minister and musician said he had a lot to prove in front of the judges, and they were all easily impressed by his beautiful control and flawless falsetto. Although Adam didn’t turn around, he recognized him immediately, leaving Jennifer and Blake to duke it out. Jennifer said she felt Ignatious was singing to her heart, and he replied, “I was.” In the end, J Hud snagged the starlet.

Rebecca Brunner

Rebecca is from a small town in Michigan but has big city dreams. She’s been singing since age 5, and when she got older, she moved to Chicago. Doubling as a nanny by day and singer by night, she’s ready to hold down just one job. She went before the judges, performing “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. She was headed for her last note, and at the very last second, Blake was the only one to turn his chair for her.

Brandon Brown

At 19, Brandon is a violin teacher in Harlem. But when he was in school, he didn’t perform very well. That is until he found music. He became obsessed with the violin, coming home to practice for three hours a day. Now he wants the opportunity to perfect his chops just as much as he’s perfected his violin skills. He chose to sing Ray Charles’ “Georgia” and knocked it out of the park. His velvetly, soulful voice blew Jennifer, Adam and Blake away. Jennifer put up a good fight and almost had it in the bag. But in a plot twist, Brandon actually went with Adam.

Nathan Graham

Hailing from Chicago, Nathan took the stage with such a unique style. Mixing folk, rock, bohemian and country, the artist revealed that he had been playing guitar for 14 years. He currently performs in a rock band and teaches music to young students. The James Harden lookalike brought his instrument on stage with him as he rocked out. But despite his effort, the judges weren’t moved enough to push their buttons. While they congratulated him for making it to the blind auditions, they all said they had a hard time hearing the clarity of his voice through the raspiness.

Whitney Fenimore

Whitney can remember the first cassette she bought. It was Hanson’s “MMMBop.” She began singing in church, joining a few Christian groups. But she wanted to expand her range to reach people in a variety of demographics. So she moved to Los Angeles to give music a try. As her career continued to dwindled, it affected her mental, causing her to have panic attacks. After taking a break, she felt strong enough to go on The Voice, and she did a fantastic rendition of Drake’s “We’re Going Home.” She went to Miley’s team.

Ilianna Viramontes

Ilianna has always loved singing, but she took a detour throughout high school. She was a gymnast and cheerleader, but she was always led back to music. After a visit to Carnegie Hall, she had made up her mind. Illiana was set on music. When she made it to The Voice, she admitted that it was her first time flying solo, because she had always sang in choirs. She even missed her high school graduation to audition. Miley and Blake were wowed by her skill but only one could have her on their team. It was Miley.

Meagan McNeal

Meagan knew the exact date she wanted to take music seriously. After getting paid during her first jam session with her friends, she was sold. She began singing around Chicago in bands and at weddings. But the The Voice is the biggest opportunity the mom has had. She hit the stage with a funky remix of The Weeknd’s “I Can’t Feel My Face.” Her performance caught Jennifer’s attention, and as the only judge to turn her chair, J Hud snagged Meagan for her team.

Jon Mero

Jon is originally from Iowa but moved to Atlanta to pursue his music career. He was first inspired to sing after watching Whitney Houston in “The Preacher’s Wife,” and he’s been performing ever since. Forming his own band and singing for a corporate band for weddings and work functions, he hit the stage with such confidence. Jennifer said she felt like she was at his concert, and Adam said musicianship was in his DNA. Although all four coaches pushed their buttons, he chose Adam.

The Voice Season 13, Episode 4

Anthony Alexander

Anthony has been on “The Voice” before, but it’s not in the way you may think. His father has worked behind the scenes on a gang of shows including “Little Big Shots” and “The Voice,” so Anthony’s been on the set for years. But he didn’t want to lean on his dad to help make his dreams come true. He snagged an audition all by himself. When he made it to the stage, he sang Donald Glover’s “Redbone,” and impressed Adam, Miley and Jennifer with his beautiful and unique falsetto. When it came down to picking a judge, he chose Adam.

Sophia Bollman

Sophia has been into music for as long as she can remember. She was a part of Kids Rock Free, an organization that teaches young kids how to play instruments and form bands. She even performed in front of Gene Simmons of K.I.S.S., who sent her a special video message right before her blind audition. She sang Kelly Clarkson’s “Invisible,” and two judges were impressed enough to push their buttons. While Miley and Blake, who she said would make a really good day, each put a pretty good fight, she picked Miley.

Jessica Rowboat

Jessica and her family moved to America from India for a chance at a better life. While her parents were classical Indian musicians when they were younger, they gave it up when they made it to America. But that’s who Jessica got her talents from, and she’s been pursing her gifts heavily. She performed John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Her voice was super different and “cool,” Miley described, but none of the judges were moved enough to turn around. They all thought she was awesome but wanted more energy and passion from her performance.

Karli Webster

Karli has been “singing since she could talk.” She got her start with piano lessons, training from age 3 to 18. She even competed in competitions across the country, winning eight of them. That’s when she found her voice. Influenced by the women musicians of the ’70s, she gravitated towards them to help shape her artistry. And it truly showed on stage. She sang a song by Karli Simon, the singer she was named after, and rocked it. She quickly won over Miley and Adam, but went with Miley.

Stephan Marcellus

Stephan actually got his start in child psychology. He went to college for adolescent and child studies, but upon graduating, he realized he wanted to make an impact on the world with his music. Although his family was baffled at first, they supported his dreams fully. When he hit the stage, he stumbled over the note almost immediately but quickly found his footing with his powerful voice. Luckily, the fumble didn’t stop Jennifer from pushing her button. Stephan went to her team.

Emily Luther

Emily calls herself a musical nerd. She took on musical theater at a young age and made her way to Berkelee School of Music in Boston. However, she decided to move to California to jumpstart her career. She landed backup gigs with the likes of Dionne Warwick and Yolanda Adams and eventually scored a record deal. But execs on her team were more interested in changing her look than focusing on her talents. So she went back home and decided to take on The Voice. It worked out in her favor, because Adam, Jennifer and Blake all turned around for her. In the end, she wanted Adam on her side.

The Voice Season 13, Episode 3

Adam Cunningham

Adam purposely moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music. While waiting on his moment to shine, he took a gig as a studio singer to provide for his family. His wife and daughter, who was born just last year, are his biggest inspirations. And when he hit the stage, he showed off just how talented he is with his gigantic voice. He wowed all of the judges, but he put all his trust in Blake.

Hannah Mrozak

Hannah has had a passion for singing since she was 13. While it has always been a dream of hers to become a professional singer, the now-18-year-old began pursuing her talents even stronger after her brother committed suicide. When she made it to the stage, she sang “Starving” by Hailee Steinfield & Grey and blew everyone away with her fantastic voice. Adam, Jennifer and Shelton all turned around mere seconds into her performance, but when it came to selecting a coach, she went with Adam.

Shilo Gold

Shilo comes from a family of singers as her father has some pretty impressive chops. He passed them on to her and pursued her career by going off to Berkelee College of Music in Boston. But after three semesters, she decided to “see the world and do it by sharing music.” Booking 85 shows across seven countries, Shilo was her own manager and finally made her way to “The Voice.” As she was inching towards her final notes, Miley and Jennifer turned around at the very last second, and Shilo went with Miley.

Samantha Rios

Samantha is no stranger to performing. With her Spanish and soul influences, she’s been using her voice to woo crowds since she was 3. And she already has a big fanbase, which includes former President Barack Obama. She sang a solo for him during his presidency along with the Children of the Gospel Choir. For The Voice, she went with “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” by Christina Aguilera. She hit big notes with her strong voice, but neither of the judges turned around. While they were moved, they all think she needs a bit more experience. But they encouraged her to come back.

Noah Mac

At just 17-years-old, Noah has already endured some pretty heavy experiences. At age 8, he lost his older sister to brain cancer at 19. Although he knew he had a gift, his family didn’t know until he performed for the very first time at her funeral. Since then he’s been going after his dream, transforming his backyard into a studio. And he’s already recorded an EP. He took the stage, and it was between Blake and Jennifer after he finished singing. Blake came out on top with this one.

Davon Fleming

Davon has had a tough upbringing, growing up in the hoods of Baltimore. But his family has always kept him grounded. While he has many influences, his greatest one is his mother. He wanted to sing at age 3 after noticing her powerful voice. His own talents have helped him snag gigs as a worship leader for several churches. On The Voice stage, he absolutely rocked it. All four coaches pushed their buttons, but he connected with Jennifer the most as they sang Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” together.

Kathrina Feigh

At age 9, Kathrina moved with her family from the Philippines to Los Angeles. Although her parents couldn’t pursue their dreams, they wanted to make sure Kathrina was able to do so in America. Her mom and dad wanted her to pick a career in the medical field, but when she performed in her first high school musical, she caught the singing bug and went after that instead. She graced The Voice stage to dazzle with “Big White Room.” At the very last second, Jennifer and Blake turned their chairs, and Kathrina went with Jennifer.

Addison Agen

Addison was literally born into music. Her father owns a record shop, so she’s been surrounded by a variety of musicians all her life. At 16, she hopped on a plane for the very first time to take The Voice stage by storm, and that’s exactly what she did. Singing “Jolene,” she blew away Adam and Miley almost immediately with her alternative folk musicianship. When it came down to making her final decision, she went with Miley.

Myles Frost

Myles’ musical talents were a secret until he played a song from the radio on the piano for his grandmother without any training. Soon after, he picked up four additional instruments, including the saxophone and trumpet, and started working on his voice. For the blind auditions, the 17-year-old sang Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amour,” but none of the judges turned their chairs. They explained that they heard the nerves and the youth in his voice, but they all encouraged him to return.

Moriah Formica

Moriah is a rockin’ roller. Since she was 9, she’s been singing, and she’s been taking voice lessons since she was 11. Her talent was so amazing that Michael Sweet from Stryper noticed and asked her to sing a song on his album, which debuted at No. 1 on the charts. She absolutely killed it as each coach pushed their button for her. Her rendition of “Crazy On You” had everyone of their feet. And the judges had to make their best pitches to get her on their team. Miley came out on top.

The Voice Season 13, Episode 1, Part 1 and 2

Chris Weaver

Chris was up first. He revealed he was a worship leader by day and a drag queen by night, but this wasn’t his first time singing for Jennifer Hudson. Two years ago, he performed before her, and she was so impressed that she threw her shoe on the stage, one of the ultimate compliments. J Hud did it again when Chris took The Voice stage to sing Otis Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness.” In fact, all of the coaches were blown away, forcing Chris to choose between all four. In the end, he could not deny his chemistry with Jennifer.

Esera Tuaolo

If you thought Esera looked familiar, you were right. The Hawaiian isn’t new to the big leagues. He played in the NFL for 9 years, lending his talents to the Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings. During his stint in professional football, he revealed to the world that he was gay, and remembered how free he felt. He wanted to feel that again by tapping into his second gift: singing. And the coaches, Jennifer and Blake, were glad he did. He ended up with Blake.

Brandon Showell

Brandon has been singing for as long as he can remember, but his 7th grade English students didn’t know that until now. He started out as a cruise ship singer, but he took on a job as an middle school teacher as his back up. Now he’s ready to pursue his true passion, and Adam, Miley and Jennifer loved him. They all pushed their buttons. But when it was time to choose, he picked Adam.

Lucas Holliday

Lucas spends most of his days as a cashier at a Dollar General, but he’d much rather showcase his voice to the world. He first gained recognition when a customer recorded him singing a Maxwell song and uploaded it to YouTube. Maxwell noticed and invited him to a show. While some opportunities came knocking soon after, Lucas was still looking for the perfect chance to become a star, which led him to The Voice. He won over Jennifer with his unexpected soul and automatically went to her team as she was the only one who turned around.

Keisha Renee

Keisha is no stranger to the music industry. She performed as a backup singer for Nicki Minaj. But her biggest accomplishment has been her daughter. She had a high-risk pregnancy due to her obesity and diabetes, but lost the weight when her baby was born. She said her daughter saved her life. Now she’s ready to take on her dreams head-on as a country singer. Everyone turned around for her, but she went with Black because of his country roots.


Maharasyi has singing in her blood. Her aunt was a famous singer in Indonesia and was described as the”Whitney Houston” of the country. Maharasyi had the same opportunity, snagging a record deal there. But Indonesia was too far from her family, so she moved back to her L.A. home. She took the stage to sing Chaka Khan’s “Tell Me Something Good,” and wowed both Jennifer and Miley. Jennifer ended up coaching Maharasyi right on stage and ultimately won her over.

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