This smoking hot SI swimsuit model wants everyone to know how much she loves showing off her butt

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If there’s one thing Samantha Hoopes loves more than anything, it’s showing off her butt.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model made that perfectly clear when she showed up at West Hollywood’s Earth Bar on Tuesday looking as bootyful as ever.


On Wednesday, she returned to Earth Bar for another cheek-tastic showing and, this time, TMZ was there to snag her for a quick interview.

“If you have a nice butt, you might as well flaunt it,” the 24-year-old Pennsylvania native said.

Hoopes also made sure to address the hoopla surrounding her Tuesday Earth Bar visit, particularly addressing the mean Instagram comments attacking her appearance.

“People walk around with purple-colored hair and no one says anything about it. But if you’re an attractive-looking girl and your ass is out, everyone’s like ‘where’s you clothes?’ It’s like, obviously, I’m hot. Nowhere.”

Well said, Samantha!

We’re gonna go ahead and assume we’ll be seeing a lot more of Samantha in the future.

But until then…..

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