You won’t believe who this sailor invited to the annual Seabee ball

Inviting celebrities to military balls is nothing new at this point, but the celeb that this sailor is asking to be his date just might raise some eyebrows. This March, Navy seabees will be celebrating their 74th birthday with a ball, and Landon Bentz put together a video asking former pornographic actress Sasha Grey to join him.

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In the video, Bentz takes viewers through what the typical day in the life of a seabee entails: coffee, job sites and working out. Calling seabees the “Rudy” of the military, he runs down the list of jobs you’ll find: carpenters, electricians, masons, mechanics and more. He also pointed out how John Wayne made a movie about the seabees, and that Ronald Reagan became an honorary member.

While several female celebrities have been invited to military balls, Grey would be the first one who appeared in porn. She’s begun making the transition to mainstream acting, but this is definitely a more risque invitation than the ones we’ve seen in the past. It’s not clear if his command would sanction her appearance at the ball. So far, Grey has not responded to his invitation.

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