Dale Earnhardt Jr. and wife Amy open up about the first few months of marriage

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It’s been over three months since Dale Earnhardt Jr. and wife Amy said their “I do’s” in a picture-perfect New Year’s Eve wedding shared with their fans via their various social channels. And as these lovebirds have reached their three-month mark of marriage, a few tiny things are starting to come out about what’s irritating them about each other these days.

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And yes, it involves leaving the toilet seat up.

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“I don’t know why I waited till we got married to let you know how strongly I felt about that,” laughed Amy during an April 11 podcast, entitled “The Biggest Adjustment since Getting Married.”

“I thought all of these years getting the seat down was the big deal, but it’s the lid, too,” Dale told listeners.

And from the sounds of it, Amy obviously has had this on her mind for a while.

“If you flush the toilet with the seat up, you are basically putting off an overspray of bacteria and all kinds of stuff,” Amy said. “Put your toothbrush away if you don’t have someone in your household that flushes with the toilet seat up.”

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And when asked what has been Amy’s biggest adjustment since getting married, she didn’t hesitate. “Mine has been seeing you in spandex,” laughed Amy, possibly referring to Dale’s newfound love of bicycling.

“Oh my God are you serious?” Dale Jr. strikes back. “That came out so quickly. I’m a little worried. I know you are not joking.”

You’ll learn, Dale Jr. You’ll learn.

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