Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s wife got everyone riled up with this photo

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Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s wife Amy never meant to cause any harm when she posted a pic of her holding a glass of wine and looking awfully pregnant. Upon further inspection, anyone could see that it was her hubby Dale’s head under her shirt.

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And heck, it was April Fools’ Day.

But in the days following the pic, the NASCAR wife has received her share of backlash from fans, who didn’t especially appreciate her ‘faking’ her pregnancy. “Pregnancy is not something to joke about,” one Twitter user commented. “There are people that try for many years to have a baby and can’t even with the best fertility doctors and medicine around and people who have miscarriages.”

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Other fans agreed, saying things like “sorry i don’t find this very funny” and “…those who have the inability to have children can be very hurt by this. Joking about being pregnant is not funny to those who cant conceive.”

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Yet, when all was said and done, many people seemed to feel that the controversy was based on a whole bunch of over-reaction. “OMG people. If it was anyone except Amy, you haterz [sic] would have been laughing and enjoying the picture,” one fan commented. “Everyone in life has had bad times in their lives, but they don’t spend the rest of it hating on someone for having fun in their life. Get a grip already and leave Amy alone. She is such a good person and sure doesn’t deserve your comments.”

Heck knows we can’t wait until she really is pregnant!

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