Falling in love never sounded as sweet as it does in this tender tribute

INDIO, CA - APRIL 30: Musician Aaron Watson performs onstage during 2016 Stagecoach California's Country Music Festival at Empire Polo Club on April 30, 2016 in Indio, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

People have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s the pressure to deliver the perfect gift or arrange the ultimate date, or the anxiety of being alone on a day created to celebrate relationships, the struggle is real for anyone who isn’t a natural-born Cupid.

Aaron Watson is providing us with a sweet salve for those who are under the stress of Valentine’s Day. It’s a ballad for couples and an inspiring ode of hope for singles, and it’s called “Big Love In a Small Town.”

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“It’s about growing up and it’s about small-town love,” Aaron told us in a Rare Country exclusive. “What I want to do on those songs is, even if you live in the city, I want to make you long for that. I want to make you long for the kind of love. It’s really a special song.”

It is a special song, thanks in large part to Aaron and his co-writer, Leslie Satcher (“Troubadour”), tapping into real life for inspiration.

“It’s as true a verse as was ever written,” Aaron says with a smile. “That’s me and my granddaddy stopping at the little mom and pop shop there in Crane, Texas headed back home and him getting in trouble from grandmother for buying a six-pack of beer. He would bribe me by giving me a Coke and candy to keep my mouth shut about the beer.”

“Big Love In a Small Town” can be found on Aaron’s upcoming album, “Vaquero,” and while his newest collection doesn’t come out until Feb. 24, we have a sneak peek of what is rapidly becoming our favorite track on the project. However, one special fan of the Texas country star has singled out another song on the album as her favorite. Aaron’s 7-year-old daughter, Jolee Kate, has her own personal tribute on “Vaquero” called “Diamonds and Daughters.” He good-naturedly jokes, “That song is on the record because I promised Jolee Kate that I was going to write her a song on the next album. My baby girl was upset with me because I wrote ‘The Underdog’ for the boys on the last album. So, really this is just me trying to please a 7-year-old female.”

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Now, that’s how a Texan treats a lady — no matter her age!

Remember, “Vaquero” is available on Feb. 24 with pre-orders now. In addition to “Big Love In a Small Town” and “Diamonds and Daughters,” the album also includes the fantastically fun first single, “Outta Style.”

You’ll want to sing along with it!

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