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Videos by Rare

There is a way in which a cappella group Home Free can manipulate a song to make us fall in love with it all over again. And that’s exactly what Home Free has done with Keith Urban’s chart-topper “Blue Ain’t Your Color.”

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Released March 31, the performance features a more Motown version of the country song, giving fans a whole new take on an already beloved tune.

“When we first heard the song, we knew that we had to make a Home Free arrangement,” Home Free tenor Rob Lundquist recently told Fox411 Country, according to a recent press release.

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“As we were arranging the song with our producer Darren Rust, it began to take on an old-school Motown feel,” added Home Free member Tim Foust. “So we tried to capture that vibe with our music video as well. It was a blast bringing that twist to a killer country song.”

The new cover is sure to make its way on the new Home Free set list, as the quintet, whose covers have been viewed on YouTube more than 140 million times, continues on a 30-city international tour that will conclude April 30.

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