These country superstars went back to work in a restaurant, and it’s hilarious

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Rascal Flatts took over a diner in Nashville to film their hilarious new video, “Yours if You Want It.” If you’re thinking the Flatts look at home working in the food services industry, then you’re on to something. All three of them have previous experience working in restaurants, including guitarist Joe Don Rooney. He got his start working at Charlie’s Chicken in Miami, Oklahoma at age 16.

Joe Don tells Rare Country, “I was cooking chicken. I know that’s a scary thought. Deep fryer and everything. I didn’t last very long if that says anything you need to know. I actually fired myself cause I sucked. I felt bad.”

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Oh, come on Joe Don. You couldn’t have been that bad.

He says with a smile, “No, I actually worked a year there. It was great. Great opportunity. Making some cash.”

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Flatts bass player Jay DeMarcus did some time working at Dante’s Pizza during his high school days in Columbus, Ohio. It turns out there’s a real art to getting all those pizzas made just right.

Says Jay, “You’ve got to be really fast because those orders come in really fast. So, you’ve got to be able to spin the sauce. Make a nice even covering and consistency. Got to put the right amount of pepperoni [on there].”

Then there’s lead singer Gary LeVox working the grill at Hermitage Café for the video shoot. He had to go through some intense orientation from the real-life cook before he took over the reins on that bad boy.

Looking back on his training session with the cook, Gary says, “He said, ‘Don’t scratch the grill.’ He said, ‘Don’t use this spatula.’ I was a nervous wreck trying to flip a burger.”

Gary overcame his initial fears about working the grill, and now his bandmates plan to put him to work making burgers on the road this summer.

He says, “They gave me my own apron, so I’m ready for the road. I’ve got my own spatula like Spongebob [Squarepants]. We’re gonna do it.”

Yours if You Want It” is the lead single from Rascal Flatts’ new studio album, “Back to Us,” due out May 19.

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