Watch as Blake Shelton pushes all of Adam Levine’s buttons during a hilarious car ride

It seemed like an perfectly practical idea. As fellow mentors on “The Voice”, country superstar Blake Shelton and pop rock superstar Adam Levine from Maroon 5 both had to get to work this week.

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So, why not carpool?

Or rather, why carpool?

In this video, presented by Nissan exclusively for “The Voice,” we got a glimpse of what it would be like to commute with these two music stars.

We knew the two were off to a bad start from the beginning, when Levine wouldn’t let Shelton even get in the car. Once safely in the car, Levine was sure to make fun of Shelton’s canister of soup and string cheese. “What, are we in third grade?” Levine asked.

As the car ride continued, the two sent shots back and forth to one another, including digs about Shelton being from the country (“I drive in cities,” Levine said) to what would happen if the two had to switch bodies (“I would head straight to one of those tattoo removal places,” Shelton quipped).

When Shelton began bugging Levine about his driving habits and figured out the passcode to his cell phone and started playing around with the radio (“do not manipulate my pre-sets!”), Levine was left to ask Blake one last thing.

“How does your wife deal with this?”

So Miranda, we were wondering the same thing – how do you deal with this jokester?

What do you think?

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