12-Year-Old Girl Tragically Stabs 9-Year-Old Brother to Death

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A 12-year-old girl in Tulsa, Oklahoma tragically stabbed her 9-year-old brother to death last week. After stabbing her brother, the girl ran upstairs to tell their parent. The boy was rushed to the hospital but passed away from his injuries.

The 12-Year-Old Girl Informed Her Sleeping Parent After She Stabbed Her 9-Year-Old Brother

According to police reports, the Tulsa Police Riverside Division was notified of the stabbing at 11:43 pm on Friday January 5th. The parent was asleep upstairs when it happened. When police arrived, the boy was getting CPR from a paramedic and firefighter team that arrived earlier. The boy was then brought into the hospital for surgery but sadly died at 2:30 am on Saturday.

Oklahoma Laws Cannot Charge a Child Under Age 13 as an Adult

The Tulsa Police Department arrested the older sister after the stabbing. She is currently in custody at the Family Center for Juvenile Justice. However, Oklahoma criminal law cannot prosecute anyone under the age of 13 as an adult. It is unclear what will happen to the girl, but she most likely will not receive any murder charges for stabbing her little brother to death.

Tulsa Police Captain Richard Meulenberg told ABC News that investigators are not aware of any specific motive that led the girl to stab her brother.

“It’s hard to think about anybody taking someone else’s life,” said Meulenberg. “It’s especially hard when you’re talking about a child taking another child’s life. And even more so when you’re talking about siblings.”

Tulsa Police Department Chief Wendell Franklin posted the news to Twitter. “All homicides are tragic, but the 2nd homicide of 2023 in Tulsa shows a definitive societal problem,” Franklin wrote. “The question is, how does society address a child killing another child?”

The public discussed a wide range of views on the Tulsa Police Department Chief’s Twitter thread. Some said that it was wrong to blame the parents. Others pointed to the tragic incident as an example of why we need better mental health resources as a society. And some said that children need to learn better tools to deal with dangerous and violent situations.

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