A CNN reporter’s tweet on Trump and Mitch McConnell holding hands backfired big time


CNN Politics reporter Daniella Diaz has been taking some heat on Twitter for tweeting a video of President Donald Trump and Sen. Mitch McConnell leaving their Monday press conference at the Rose Garden holding hands.

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Cameras caught a moment of kindness between Trump and McConnell, as the president helped the senate majority leader up the stairs. The two have shared a publicly rocky relationship and a goal of the press conference was to show that the president and McConnell are on the same page.

In August, for instance, Trump said that he was “very disappointed in Mitch” over the repeal and replace of Obamacare failure.

Diaz tweeted a video of the moment with the message “That hand-lock between Trump and McConnell, though.” Many on Twitter saw something wrong with Diaz’s remark and Fox News has a story up about it.

Many who seemed to think that there was some ill will or mocking behind the tweet said that McConnell was a polio survivor.




Diaz’s CNN colleague, Senior Congressional Correspondent Manu Raju, jumped in and said the same.

“McConnell is a polio survivor, a reason why stairs can be tricky at times,” he tweeted. “McConnell often goes up a step at a time, sometimes needs railing for assistance. This time, used Trump for balance.”

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The intent behind the Diaz’s tweet is not clear at this time, but Rare has reached out for comment.

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