A teacher did an NFL-style protest during the Pledge of Allegiance and some are not happy


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Although a substitute teacher at a public school in Littleton, Mass. raised eyebrows across America last Thursday by taking a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance in the classroom, the principal responded by calling the move “well-intended.”

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According to CBS Boston, Russell Street School Principal Scott Bazydlo said the unidentified substitute’s display “should not have taken place in the fashion it did” despite calling it “well-intended.”

“While this topic is timely and does have educational merit, it should be addressed sensitively and age-appropriately by permanent faculty and inclusive of the beliefs of all children and families,” he wrote to parents in a letter.

NBC Boston added that the teacher went on to share her political views after taking a knee, a form of protest that has been seen throughout the NFL.

Parents’ reactions to the display was mixed.

“I think it’s a conversation that needs to be had. I think it’s an important topic. But yeah, maybe that’s a difficult way to do it,” one told WCVB.

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“I agree with what they’re doing, I just don’t think it’s the proper place for it, but in the same token, I think if the teacher could make her views known in a more apolitical way perhaps,” another told NBC Boston. “I think trying to impart your own political views to students … I think it’s inappropriate.”

Whether the teacher has been disciplined by the school is not clear at this time.

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