According to a new poll, a majority of Americans have this unpleasant reaction to President Trump

In this Feb. 17, 2017 photo, President Donald Trump speaks while visiting the Boeing South Carolina facility in North Charleston, S.C. As President Trump begins his second month in office, his team is trying to move past the crush of controversies that overtook his first month and make progress on health care and tax overhauls long sought by Republicans. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

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President Trump is having a rough first month.

Americans are paying attention to everything that’s going on in Washington, and they’re not happy with what they’re seeing. According to a new McLatchy -Marist poll, a large portion of Americans have a very unpleasant emotion when they see some of the things President Trump has done – embarrassment.

The poll showed that nearly six in 10 people say that President Trump embarrasses them.

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53 percent of survey responders also think that the president has done something unethical or illegal.

The poll showed that his overall approval rating is sitting at 41 percent, with 49 percent disapproving. According to national surveys, those numbers are the weakest ever recorded with a sitting president after his first month in office.

“This is unusual for a candidate that upon becoming president he is not given a honeymoon,” Lee Miringoff, director of Marist Institute for Public Opinion, which conducted the nationwide survey, told McClatchy DC. “He is paying in public opinion for the fact that most of what has done has been for his base.”

His favorable rating is even lower, with only 38 percent of Americans holding a favorable view of America’s 45th president, while 54 percent hold an unfavorable rating.

One place that he did have a higher approval than disapproval was with the economy; 45 percent of the people who took the survey said that Trump was doing a good job with the economy, while 43 percent said that he wasn’t doing a good job – 13 percent were unsure.

He also got high marks when people were asked if he was making good on his campaign promises, which could be good or bad depending on your view of President Trump, with a whopping 71 percent saying that they either agreed or strongly agreed that he was fulfilling his promises.

Read the full survey here.

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