A Christian woman is ditching leggings because they might give men “lustful thoughts”

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Videos by Rare

Do leggings cause men to lust?

The popular Christian family blogger Veronica Partridge says yes, sharing her decision to give up leggings and yoga pants on her personal blog.

She said after talking to friends and her husband, she determined that such tight-fitting pants can cause men to have lustful thoughts, so she will no longer wear such pants in public.

But the Internet has taken issue with the declaration. Many say that changing clothes won’t change a thing. Others on Partridge’s blog and social media thought Partridge’s beliefs were downright backward. Some commenters thought her beliefs took the responsibility off of men for viewing women as nothing more than sex objects.

Partridge has responded to the social media firestorm by stating her decision is purely personal and she is not advocating for others to join her.

Read Veronica’s controversial blog.

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