Darrell Jackson, 29, of Indiana, would have been taken in for questioning in the double-murder of his estranged wife and her sister, but police never got the chance.

Officers instead found Jackson dead inside a car of an apparent suicide Friday, the Jonesboro, Ark., police said, adding that they discovered a Smith and Wesson 9-mm handgun at the scene.

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Police say Mallory Jackson, 27, and her 20-year-old sister Meredith Opel were found dead in a home in Indianapolis Friday with trauma to their bodies. However, autopsy results have not been released, the Indianapolis Star reported.

Darrell Jackson is suspected of of killing the two women and then driving more than 400 miles to Jonesboro, where his family lives. He parked behind his family’s home and sent a text to his father, according to police. The ominous text said he “could not take it no longer,” according to the Indianapolis Star.

Jackson’s father and brother found him in the front seat of a 2011 Nissan Sentra with an Indiana plate with a bullet wound to his head. About four hours later, Indianapolis police found Mallory Jackson and Opel dead.

There was a history of trouble between the Jacksons. Police were recently called to the same address where the two women were found in response to a domestic dispute, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Sgt. Christopher Wilburn told The Star, though he said details of that call were not available at that time. Darrell and Mallory Jackson leave behind a young daughter, Camilla Rose.

On the day of the alleged double murder-suicide, Jackson published a Facebook post that hinted toward his apparent unhappiness. He wrote rambling post that opened with the words: “Nothing to this world.”

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It continued:

no support, no prospects, earning a bachelor’s earned me even less progress. No need for my Talents or Wisdom, Corporate America must have a predetermined vision. My only Motive was to overcome and inspire, but as slamming doors became rhythmic, my hope soon expired.

Before you judge me take a second to realize, all the faith you could have restored before the demise. Look Around, There are still more living and determined individuals with nothing to lose, a progressive drive, and everything to gain. Assist when possible! Without it, They may soon become nothing to this world.

Some 20 minutes earlier, Jackson had posted a photo of his father’s house in Jonesboro and captioned it: “Where I first learned to shoot [hoops], 20 years ago!” He was referring to basketball, but later events cast a pall over his phrasing.