A neighbor heard cries for help and shot a man drowning twin babies dead — here’s what we know Oklahoma County Jail, KXII/screenshot

A man witnessed a neighbor trying to drown twin babies and fatally shot him in order to stop the ordeal.

The neighbor, Cash Freeman, was alerted to the incident by a 12-year-old girl — the granddaughter of the homeowner — who was in the home and ran to Freeman’s house for help. Freeman rushed over and found the perpetrator, Leland Foster, attempting to drown 3-month-old twins, a boy and a girl, in the bathtub.

Law enforcement officials in Ada, Okla., also said that Foster was allegedly threatening the children’s mother with a knife during the ordeal.

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After Freeman processed what was happening, he shot Foster twice in the back.

NewsChannel 4 in Oklahoma City spoke to Freeman off camera, and the man told the station that he did what he had to do to save the babies, although he worried that he could be in trouble for his actions.

The twins were flown to an Oklahoma City hospital and have been released.

At least one neighbor, Summer Pierce, doesn’t believe Freeman should face consequences for killing the alleged perpetrator.

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“I think he did the right thing, […] because who knows what would have happened to the babies if he hadn’t intervened?” Pierce told NewsChannel 4. “They might not have made it.”

A spokesperson for the Ada police told NewsChannel 4 that Freeman was questioned and released. He will have to go before the district attorney to determine if his actions to save the twin babies constitute a justified homicide.

“It’s awful, because I’ve held the babies and, like, I’ve played with them, and I just gave them clothes yesterday,” Pierce, the neighbor said.

According to NewsChannel 4, this was not Foster’s first brush with law enforcement. In 2011, he was charged with domestic abuse by strangulation and arson in the first degree. He pleaded no contest.