A rogue bagel just caused an airport evacuation, and now we’ve seen everything


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Travelers at a Missouri airport were forced to evacuated into the frigid December air on Tuesday when a restaurant employee burnt a bagel, setting off smoke detectors and turning an entire terminal upside down.

The bagel went rogue just after 6:00 p.m., and a full-scale evacuation followed. The smoke alarms were shut off within five minutes, and people were outside for less than 10 minutes, according to KMOV. One visitor, news anchor Jason Long, caught a video of the spectacle and said that after the evacuation, visitors had to go through the security checkpoints a second time.

And Long was just as stunned as his fellow travelers when he discovered the crusty culprit.

The airport tweeted out an explanation soon after the terminal was emptied, and no flights were delayed by the bagel — though it remains unclear where the smoking bagel was located.

While a single terminal being evacuated doesn’t really seem like much of a setback, there are only two terminals in the St. Louis airport, according to their website, so as much as half of the airport may have been evacuated.

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Long also managed to capture a video of the travelers coming back into the airport. In the clip, it doesn’t look like the terminal is that crowded, which is definitely unexpected for the day after Christmas.

The hiccup in travelers’ journeys pales in comparison to the experience of fliers at the Atlanta airport a few weeks ago. At the huge complex in Georgia, thousands of visitors were stuck for hours — some still on the planes — when the power went down, causing massive chaos and a transit nightmare.

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