A mother and father who overdosed on heroin in front of their two children can thank their 5-year-old son that they’re alive to hear his amazing life-saving story.

With his parents laying on the floor unconscious and his 3-month-old sister strapped in a car seat in the house, the 5-year-old walked barefoot two blocks to his step-grandfather’s house. He knocked on the door and when the man opened the door he told him his parents were dead.

The step-grandfather, Kenneth Currey, rushed to the house and found the boy’s parents, Lee Johnson and Chelsie Marshall, passed out on the floor, one in the bathroom and the other in the hallway.

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Currey said the youngster had been taught what to do in an emergency and that he followed the directions flawlessly.

“I’m very proud of the boy, very proud of him, but it’s just tragedy,” Currey told WLWT.

Currey called the police after seeing the parents sprawled on the floor.

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“When I walked up the steps and seen him laying in the bathroom floor and her in the hallway, I immediately called 911 because I knew what was up,” Currey said.

According to police, Johnson was given Narcan and woke up shortly afterward. He used heroin, he told police and then was handcuffed. The mother did respond to several doses of Narcan, and was finally revived after being taken to the hospital.

The boy was taken to the police department and Middletown police Chief Rodney Muterspaw declared him a hero.