Michelle Obama’s health campaign takes a startling turn as 3,000 pre-schoolers become test subjects

Last week, the Washington Free Beacon published a startling report claiming that as many as 3,000 pre-schoolers will have their height and weight monitored by the Department of Agriculture.

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The statistics will then be passed on to inform First Lady Michelle Obama’s Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act.

According to the Beacon, a notice was placed in the Federal Register on Friday detailing the study, which will monitor the quality of meals prepared in home daycare and the amount physical activity children participate in.

“The study will also provide insights into how nutritional quality and physical activity in childcare might be improved. Lastly, the study will collect data on the costs of childcare meals and snacks in relationship to CACFP reimbursements, other funding, and meal quality,” the note read.

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