A Pennsylvania coroner’s office stands accused of breaking almost every rule in the book; stealing pills from deceased bodies, flashing photos of an employee’s boyfriends’ genitalia to co-workers and even a tale of a late-night romp with a police officer at a death scene.

The allegations against the Monroe County coroner’s officer were outlined in recent court filings, and now county prosecutors have announced an open investigation. The accusations began in late August when a fired deputy coroner sued in federal court — soon after, another deputy coroner (still employed) also filed a lawsuit, the Associated Press reports. The complaint alleges that coroner Bob Allen let his wife, Traci, run the office and that she created a hostile environment, bragging about her extramarital affairs and showing deputy coroners images of her paramours’ genitalia.

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Fired deputy coroner Lauren Fizz claims that Traci and another worker concocted a story about Fizz “having a sexual encounter with a police officer at a death scene.” In the second lawsuit, deputy corner Michael Sak says that Traci Allen repeatedly made sexual advances toward him. Sak claims that he refused and relayed Traci’s tales of debauchery to her husband — who subsequently reprimanded him.

Bob Allen told the AP that the lawsuits “are all false, false allegations.” He claims that Fizz and Sak are part of a large scale attempt to keep him from winning reelection in November. Allen, who runs as a Republican, has been the Monroe County coroner for 25 years.

A hot tryst at a death scene is just one wild claim in a new lawsuit filed against a coroner’s office AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File
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