The surveillance camera at a McDonald’s drive-thru captured a terrifying scene of a mother clutching her 2-year-old daughter while desperately trying to beat back the child’s father, who allegedly kidnapped her.

Jessica Wilson was seen hurrying out of the car with the child at the Cincinnati-area McDonald’s. The father, Levenski Crossty, chased them behind the car and tried to pull the little girl away from her mother as she struggled to break free from him.

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A McDonald’s employee can be seen reaching out the drive-thru window.

“Hand the child to me,” the employee said, according to

But Crossty managed to get the child away from Wilson, get in the car, and drive off, leaving the distraught mother stranded in the drive-thru and “desperately asking someone to call 911,” prosecutors said of the July 2016 incident.

Crossty’s trial started this week. Before the struggle at McDonald’s that assistant prosecutor Matthew Broo called “a night of sheer terror,” Crossty broke into the house where Wilson was staying with her four children. Crossty, 27, is the father of the youngest, the 2-year-old girl. He crawled in through a window and confronted Wilson about being unfaithful, according to

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All four kids were in Crossty’s car when he drove away from the McDonald’s. At the house, Wilson tried to lock herself in the bathroom, but Crossty, Wilson testified, forced his way in and beat her up, leaving her with two black eyes, a cut on her head, and a bite mark on her hand.

“He was ranting and raging,” Wilson said.

Crossty piled everyone in the car, where he kept beating her, Wilson testified. Before going to McDonald’s, they stopped at Crossty’s sister’s house. Wilson tried to escape, but Crossty bit her. They then took off and stopped at the McDonald’s around 8 p.m. because Wilson said the kids needed food.

Crossty is charged with felonious assault, theft, and multiple counts of abduction and kidnapping. His attorney, Stephan Madden, called it a misdemeanor domestic incident, contending Crossty drove away with the children to protect them from Wilson, who was intoxicated.

Madden said after Crossty drove off from the McDonald’s, he took the kids to Wilson’s father’s home.

“There is no abduction, there is no kidnapping, there is no theft,” he said.

“Night of sheer terror” is captured on McDonald’s drive-thru video as a mother and child struggle to escape a man’s grasp