Not a drill: Two men take parking violations into their own hands, but they only screwed themselves Salem Police Department

This was no drill.

A store owner and an employee have been arrested after video shows them using a drill to flatten the tires of cars that had been illegally parked in their parking lot, reports WMUR.

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Yogesh Patel, 36, is the owner of M&N Borderline Discount in Salem, New Hampshire. Seems like he has a problem with people parking in his lot without patronizing his store.

Friday was just like any other day in that regard; Patel called police to report a handful of cars, and they showed up to ticket them around 8:30pm.

But ten to twenty of those cars had flat tires. Salem police investigated, and after checking the store’s own security cameras, they saw both Patel and an employee, Deepakkumar Patel, using a drill to flatten tires in the lot. Oops.

Both men have been arrested and charged with criminal mischief in excess of $1500, conspiracy to commit criminal mischief in excess of $1500, and falsifying physical evidence. They were released on $5000 cash bail and have a court date of June 28th.

Patrick is a content editor for Rare.
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